Is it time to learn about graphene?

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Not too excited to learn of a new tool/toxin, but may have to start.

Meanwhile, we are suddenly living in a graphene world. The substance is everywhere. This reminds me of the massive introduction of GMO farming in the 1990s. The strategy is familiar in industry: flood the market with a new “miracle” product; when doubters start reporting on serious health risks and damage, claim they’re crazy [5], while preparing to combat law suits that will drag on for decades. [5a]…

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3 thoughts on “Is it time to learn about graphene?

  1. doktormindbender

    This all started with a bunch of the new age-y Steiner woo truthers looking for worms in the masks.

    I would be highly skeptical of it.

    1. xileffilex

      Fair point.
      We are, [or perhaps were **] more than half a year later after their introduction, at the point where we are still believing the crooks about the chemical composition of their divers and diverse shots. It’s amazing how trusting we are.

      [link 4 in JR’s blog]

      1. doktormindbender

        I hadn’t watched any of these clowns actually talk about it.

        Usual M.O. Some pseudo authority throwing around jargon based on an unverifiable source.

        Meanwhile, everyone is chasing their tails over bad vibrations, death rays, chemicals and other phantoms.


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