Are the lawyers controlled opposition?

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Money is being raised for all kinds of legal challenges to the Emergency Orders in Canada.

Are any of these cases designed to go anywhere? Are they all part of a Canadian Operation Trust?

Is Canucklaw the only real investigative reporter in Canada?

Remember “Operation Trust”? It was a 1920s scheme to get people not to overthrow the Bolsheviks, by claiming a military operation was already underway. Remember Q-Anon? It was a way to get people to passively wait while Trump drained the swamp and jailed the deep state. Of course, neither were real.

Canadians are constantly being told that there are a committed group of people fighting Trudeau, Ford, Horgan and their ilk. This isn’t about infighting. There are serious questions about what’s going on.

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5 thoughts on “Are the lawyers controlled opposition?

  1. Ted Baker

    The lawyers are controlled opposition and the lawsuits are designed to fail. Dr. David Martin is a globalist and here’s the evidence.…


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