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Leprosy was from the vaccinator’s lancet

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Another “virus spread” by injection.

“Some of the obstacles in the way of independent investigation of this subject are alluded to in a communication, read before the Royal Vaccination Commission, from Dr. Charles E. Taylor, Secretary to the Legislative Council, Island of St. Thomas, Danish West Indies. 

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The Nutwork has rolled our their latest controlled opposition oracle – psyOps are layered and deep.

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Source: WHO IS DAVID E. MARTIN? – Google Docs

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FAC934-Rick and Rollo and Guests

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Epic call with Johnnyslist, Anounceofsaltperday, Ab, Benoit, and new voice BrokenLockes from NZ

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I thought nurses were supposed to help

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Individual nurses may be ok, but their organization is bought and paid for by the government, and funded by you.

The RNAO, the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, gets a lot of money to run its organization. However, it seems that the policies it promotes do anything but promote public health. What are some of the things it calls for?

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The irony is stunning

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What do you consider the primary human right?

How about the right to medical autonomy? That’s probably number one to most.

In this inverted world, it makes sense that the Canadian Museum For Human Rights would be among the first to violate this fundamental God given right.

I trust there won’t be a display for medical segregation on display.

We’re excited to welcome fully immunized visitors back to the Museum beginning July 27! Children under 12 may enter with fully immunized members of their household. t.co/UOJ2QRComm

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$350 million and counting
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