The irony is stunning

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What do you consider the primary human right?

How about the right to medical autonomy? That’s probably number one to most.

In this inverted world, it makes sense that the Canadian Museum For Human Rights would be among the first to violate this fundamental God given right.

I trust there won’t be a display for medical segregation on display.

We’re excited to welcome fully immunized visitors back to the Museum beginning July 27! Children under 12 may enter with fully immunized members of their household.

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6 thoughts on “The irony is stunning

      1. rachel

        No irony, it’s interesting I was looking at the building in the article yesterday thinking, ‘it has a kind of shape, I wonder…’, and by chance (nothing is by chance) I am watching a presentation by Canadian, Carl Teichrib, today, and he shows this slide.

  1. Gabriel

    Here in Texas, I have not seen anything as punitive as this where people are required to have the vax to enter. However, I see it creeping along and the mental state slowly being programmed. Where I mostly shop at Kroger and Walgreens, they both have constant recordings going suggesting the mask and social distancing. The recording says that according to CDC and local gov regulations people fully vaxed no longer have to wear the mask. Now that people are burned out on the mask, I see almost no one wearing one. Plus, it’s close to 100 degrees here every day and it’s just not practical to wear one. It will not surprise me if they start telling us the Delta variant is running rampant and require masks again. That is clearly the game plan. I’m holding firm not wearing the mask and there is no way I am getting the vax.


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