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The Nutwork has rolled our their latest controlled opposition oracle – are layered and deep.

PDF so you don’t have to login to Google. link

Source: WHO IS DAVID E. MARTIN? – Google Docs

h/t Anonjedi

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2 thoughts on “WHO IS DAVID E. MARTIN? 

  1. napoleon wilson

    from voodooville
    Actually those are several reasons, but lets take the key one: “authorities’ failure to provide adequate samples of the virus“. When was this? In April/May 2021 when India had 300k to 400k “cases” per day. How is it not possible to provide “virus samples” when they had 300k cases per day? But they gave the “top virologist” the “sequence” (The viral RNA sequence).

    You may be guessing, may be there is no virus, but hold your thought. That is not allowed by the Agenda.

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