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Fellow Canadian review the UN armored vehicles in Toronto.

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  1. Bongo bill

    Poison injected into the blood stream alters the body’s microzymic activity. The microzymes morph into a form that can feed on the toxin. I suspect the mRNA vaxxx is tricking the body into accepting a new protein that produces an enzyme that makes the organism consciously more like an ant. Welcome to the ant hill.

  2. xileffilex

    Thanks for bigging up the Tychos model. Simon has just made a fascinating post about an earlier visit of Halley’s comet in the 8th century. , the Miyake event or the Charlemagne event The Halley wiki page only suggests a date of AD 837 for the close passage of the comet. A further question is begged, whether there are observations from the 8th century. The wiki reference is to a page by an “amateur cometographer”….

    Another similar burst of C-14 occurred towards the end of the 10th century, it would be interesting to see how that fits into the Tychos, or whether the two instances are unrelated in cause.

    Other comparable events are suggested, more recently for AD 1052 and AD 1279

    It’s not clear however, how a close drive-by of Halley’s Comet would produce excessive C-14 incorporation in tree rings.

    On a different tack, the discussion about why they want to jab us all was illuminating. Of course, it makes no sense whatsoever to jab the world [as Bill Gates presaged right at the start] for such a trivial, manufactured “illness” as cov-19. As Ab says, it can only the the first step on the escalator of control.


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