RIP Ontario theme song author

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Fitting time to leave Onterrible, hopefully not labeled COVAIDS.

Figures our state run propaganda news agency wouldn’t credit her in graphic for the unofficial Canadian anthem – also somehow blocked on Screwtube.

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4 thoughts on “RIP Ontario theme song author

  1. walker

    Holy hell, Ab — Can we get a NSFL warning on these links to the MSM?

    Here is what I got as the top 3 sports stories that appeared on the sidebar:

    1. F1 condemns racist abuse of Lewis Hamilton following crash with Max Verstappen
    2. NHL prospect Luke Prokop announces he’s gay
    3. American gymnastics alternate athlete Kara Eaker tests positive for COVID at Olympics

    Fake racism, ass-fucking and fake covid are the biggest sports stories.

    And, yes, the gymnast was injected. Because that’s what you get when you comply, more abuse.


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