You’re so special – check the bullseye on your back

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Fakeologists have a special playbook written just for them. The injectors/human inventory taggers are not going to give up on getting you into their matrix.

The governments around the world have taken something that was not theirs, OUR FREEDOMS, and they’ve done it all with INTENTIONALLY false pretenses.…

People ask, how do all the health authorities around the world depict the same sort of fear and the same sort of measures in complete unison, but it’s the only way to implement a global psychological operation against 7 billion people simultaneously.

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1 thought on “You’re so special – check the bullseye on your back

  1. xileffilex

    The embedded video is from almost 15 months ago, a compilation of the outpourings of the globalist drones. They were telling us exactly how it would unfold. Well worth 20 minutes of revision.
    This “terrible disease” my arse. And here we are on the cusp of forced injected treatments for all,,,,

    “New Normal”, Welcome to the Pandemic Police State
    305 views Apr 28,2020


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