FAK340-Toronto mayor confronted

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Markus Allen, [20.07.21 21:59]
Sassafraz blaze sparked by kitchen mishap

8 people injured after car hits outdoor dining area in Northern Liberties


Facebook’s vaccine fact checker is directly tied to big pHARMa

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)

Our Funding – FactCheck.org

Our Funding

America: Freedom to Fascism – Full. – YouTube

Freedom Law School – Live Free Now

The Spanish American War Tax (1898-2006)

The Spanish American War Tax (1898-2006) ?

Van Hipp tweet about walking on the moon

Lunar Module #2, Apollo | National Air and Space Museum

Apollo 11 Press Conference – YouTube

Markus Allen’s EscapeTheNewNormal.com

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3 thoughts on “FAK340-Toronto mayor confronted

  1. dante

    it’s not Park Avenue and it’s not Times Square

    as the former is largely residential buildings and the latter is mostly a hell-on-earth tourist trap with billboards, broadway shows, and overpriced chain restaurants.

    the lux retail is (or was) largely on Madison Ave and 5th Ave – mostly in Midtown in the 50s but Madison has boutiques all the way up into the 70s.


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