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I’m Afridi I don’t believe this story

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In light of the world Quaxxination program, this is a great 9/11- quaxx story.


But what about the episode, also depicted in the film, in which CIA agents recruited a local doctor to manufacture and carry out a fake hepatitis B vaccination scheme to get more information on whether the terror leader was hidden in the suspected compound?…

What is known is that the doctor did not fare well, as Aikins details. He was disappeared by the ISI, allegedly tortured, then handed back to the civilian authorities to stand trial. He was sentenced to 33 years in prison.

Also check here www.humanosphere.org/world-pol…

The Obama Administration has promised that the Central Intelligence Agency will never again have its spies pretend to be doing vaccinations overseas.

h/t twitter.com/RealTimOzman/statu…

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Human Rights Office last place to look for protection

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In this inverted world, you won’t find much sympathy for your right to medical autonomy from the agency set up to protect your God given rights.

The myth of contagion trumps all.

The following piece comes from a “guidance document” that the BC Office of the Human Rights Commissioner recently published. In short, people CAN lose their jobs or livelihood.


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