5 thoughts on “You can trust IPS’ misinformation

  1. napoleon wilson

    whilst were talking about flight club we see the twin towers at the end demolished im guessing from building 7 ,must be where all the explosives got delivered ,after all they have admitted to pull it ,a demo term im lead to believe, also he has an imaginary friend (alter ego) tyler durden the soap man, chemical burns to join up klaus schwab programming delivered fullmetal jacket style by narrator (towers had full metal jackets)and shaved spacemonkeys , if i was a shaved spacemonkey playing with soap at night id want brad pitt to play me in a film .
    we do however see lots of pointers towards the current situation
    remember a lot of movies are programming ,but you still need the mark or volunteers to see it and think its the film and their conclusions are morally right and their idea (inception), fairy stories end the same way as these films.

    just for fun what colour are dannys toys

  2. napoleon wilson

    i read a head as i got bored waiting,
    i do enjoy the callers and as ive heard the blog and its contributors have some good info , but i also know the masonic houseclowns writing a percentage of what he reads are still dilusional,and who can blame them( fucking wizard of oz )pissing myself ,but ips seems to be catching up and as for the star wars gig !its built for such a team of crack allbeit amateur alchemists ,and i have not touched any cosmists or martians yet

    fight club is about the demolition experts (mercs)blending in to a normal society in the day and the trappings of that consumerist society clashing with the anarchist programming we,ve all undergone ,but by night wiring up the buildings on 911 some apes are gullible , run with that ips

  3. Bingo ben

    Why does this guy sound like a faggy pants? Of course he likes to get his injection done with military precision. He’s not lying on that and when he claims to be an expert on masks and masking. Ok, so he does an entertaining call in show, he’s a troll for life, a real show man, a computer hacker with a gimmick machine. Shout out Napoleon.


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