FAK342-Reviewing Fakeologist

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1 thought on “FAK342-Reviewing Fakeologist

  1. Sir Darius

    Speaking of Bozo’s latest phallic rocket launch: Anybody see that hard parachute landing of the detached phallic head? If you listen to the audio, there is no realistic reaction to an impact like that. At the very least, such an impact would knock the wind out of you, break your back or worse – especially for pilot granny Funk! That’s right, Bozo hired an 82 year old grandmother (Wally Funk) with zero “real-time” experience as an “astronaut” to pilot their company’s first human launch. Bozo might as while get onboard this train of ridiculousness by joining in (allegedly his brother too) as a “passenger” to granny Funk’s first space flight. Hmmm… this script seems suspiciously familiar?

    Has anybody seen Space Cowboys (2000) with Clint Eastwood and Tommy Lee Jones? The basic plot entails four elderly men that once got rejected as astronauts back in their prime now having the opportunity for "space travel" in their golden years. Well, granny Funk also allegedly got passed up during her prime for a space mission in 1961. At least in the movie, there were young backup pilots onboard in case elderly Eastwood had a stroke. But what was Bozo's backup plan? Was Bozo going to man the spacecraft himself if granny Funk's heart gave out? They will probably say the "craft" can be controlled remotely if granny can't take the G's.

    Getting back to the phallic head landing: all that celebrating immediately after a hard impact but that "little dummy in the window" doesn't appear to move. One would think Bozo could afford animatronic dummies. Anyways, the launch and landing of the rocket is clearly cgi, but the phallic head landing does appeared more realistic. Maybe it was dropped from a helicopter and landed a little harder than expected? Regardless, It's fakery.


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