2 thoughts on “NASA Challenger Crew Alive? · Fakeotube – by Anon

  1. napoleon wilson

    well its been made into a oscar nominated short film made out of the event called dekalb
    and theres another dekalb

    and obviously an egyptian theatre as you would expect ,so lets be ips for a moment we got an astruenot and school shooter,and a film made about it plus a crop genetics company from before we had genes .winged corn , and jfk stayed and walked past the theatre in 1959 .

    and he the man de kalb was a knight of the golden circle .

    god knows

  2. Sir Darius

    It’s fitting and a convenient psyop reinforcement tool to have a phony school shooting at an elementary school named after the alleged Challenger disaster victim Ronald McNair (aka “Carl” McNair). According to USAToday in 2013: “The shooting took place at Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy, a 5-year-old school named for an astronaut who died aboard Challenger, the space shuttle that exploded after takeoff in 1986.” They can’t let people forget about the trauma of Challenger disaster – plus, in a way, they get two psyops for the price of one!


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