Why we can’t all see

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A thread by Patrick Fagan

Why can some people ‘see’ uncomfortable things while others can’t? A psychology thread ??

? Wilful Blindness (also known as the Ostrich Effect): our minds wont let us acknowledge something if it will cause psychological pain. So we ignore it, say it doesn’t matter, rationalise excuses, etc. ? Regression (and fear of freedom). Freedom comes with risk and responsibility. Most crave a return to the submissive comfort of childhood, where adults took care of everything. They want the state to take care of them.

? System Justification: We cannot imagine that the system we grew up in and benefited from could do us harm. We assume it always has our best interests at heart.

? Terror Management: Thinking about death (or the idea that our psychological construction of reality might go extinct) causes us to ‘close up’ psychologically and become intolerant of other ideas.

? Conformity: We assume the crowd must know what it’s doing, and we are terrified of being ostracised, since this meant death in evolutionary terms.

? Cognitive Dissonance: When something doesn’t match our expectations of the world, it causes uncomfortable psychological tension, which we seek to minimise through defence mechanisms like denial.

? In-Group Bias: Being social animals, we tend to reject information if it clashes with our group identity (“it must be wrong if the other side said it”). In fact, it can just make us even more polarised.

? Cognitive Misers: We simply don’t have the time nor the energy to process a lot of new, complex information or change thinking habits.

? Learned Helplessness: If we have learned / feel that we are powerless, we don’t even bother to try challenging the status quo. We just become passive and accepting.

???? Authority: We assume that those with credentials or in positions of authority must know what they are doing, so we trust them implicitly and follow their instructions. Did I miss any?

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5 thoughts on “Why we can’t all see

  1. Ron

    “Conformity: We assume the crowd must know what it’s doing, and we are terrified of being ostracised, since this meant death in evolutionary terms.”

    Yeah, it still may.. but irreversible.. for me anyway. Howdy partner.

    “”A lie’s true power cannot be accurately measured by the number of people who believe its deception when it is told, it must be measured by the number of people who will go out after hearing it trying to convince others of its truth.” — Dennis Sharpe”

    Sure, as they try to prove a negative.. thinking they’re right because they can not be proven wrong, not realizing they’re wrong because they can not be proven right. Like, the germ theory.

    “Do you have any advice for me in approaching my Christian friends and relatives some who have a basic understanding of the New World Order but still think God is ultimately in control and…”

    Take their side but make sure they draw the line in the sand in the right place!.. Like if they got the shot, what kind of “Christian” are they? They moved the line. Of course that’s been ongoing, moving the lines.

  2. Bongo bill

    They’ve been making the frogs turn gay for a long time now.
    Oh yeah and there’s the trauma. What was 911? 311? These are trauma inducing events, the latter truly global in scale. Mkultra was studying how mind control is achieved through trauma . Of course government would want to perfect mind control and make the frogs turn gay.

    1. napoleon wilson

      trauma is used as a one size fits all word ,but as i have suggest joy as a trigger also(monsters inc anyone) as i was a late comer to the 911 trauma based mind control and its resulting g(gullibilty factor)

      ab did an interview with lenon honor


      i think the program and the npcs were up against now seem to think after the destruction of society and the family unit,plus millions of deaths some sort of rebuilding will take place ,when in actual fact this is the end of working for a future and the beginning of consolidating the panopticon and in essence the death of humanity
      a big mistake by the artistocrats that puts you and me and all that can see firmly in driving seat

      repeat after me go fuck yourself or if your too polite to swear just say no

  3. Becca Waits

    It is just so difficult for me to understand how those in government establishments, let’s take the CIA for example, have ADMITTED to atrocious acts towards humanity, and there are no repercussions taken towards them! Please, correct me if I’m wrong. There is a lot of information and so much research I still am not aware of how to access. So, the stupidity of the herd, yes. The kids are indoctrinated at school, the adults indoctrinated at work, and reinforced by the media. The ability to think for oneself is rare indeed. Just makes you want to shake them and shout “wake up!”


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