In a genocide, it’s best to keep quiet ScoMo

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This dummy will soon learn to keep quiet before he says something even more stupid.

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3 thoughts on “In a genocide, it’s best to keep quiet ScoMo

  1. napoleon wilson

    i think you are right, animals when cornered or threatened either cower or fight , but all protect their offspring

    if i remeber theres an embarras yourself clause in all the contracts these male sellouts and im guessing masonic club members signed , im sure he (the mayor) got lots of pats on the back from his cohorts for taking it up the arse again, now admittedly the covid mechanism for lockdowns on paper is backed up with models and projections,(sounds like their making a sci fi movie?)
    but if someone was to ask me if i thought these same men and women who sanctioned the restrictions would allow injecting kids without knowing whats been injected into them ,and possibly be all the different claims weve seen already from luciferase to graphene to proteins to a placeobo .i would have said some would quit and speak out and some would come forwards to be heard ,but alas its only leaders who have a responsibility for there constituents or countrymen or a conscience

    its been the same game for 200 years

  2. ricky

    I’m in the camp that thinks this covid hoax is cover for a multi pronged purpose, mainly cover for a financial collapse that cannot and will not be avoided. A transition to a new monetary and social system where “we” all have to sacrifice to save as many souls as possible and try our best to save this “dying planet” we’ve been abusing for decades. There’s also a eugenics angle that appears real to reduce the population that fits in well. I also think this trend is irreversible and trying to “fight for our rights” is hopeless, like smj says “I’m going to hide.” That’s the best advice I’ve heard, avoid the shots and try to get out of the way. I know this is a “no shit Sherlock” diatribe for most fakeologists but what I’m getting at is these useful idiots that are paraded out in the media portrayed as “leaders” don’t understand what can happen when the mob turns on them. Just like the Toronto mayor that was annoyed when his dinner was interrupted, when shit gets realz and the mob turns on their handlers, these clowns will be the first to be sacrificed.


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