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28 thoughts on “FAC935-Rick and Rollo

  1. Scotty

    Sorry about the spelling, Scottish thinking, Dutch auto correct , takes forever to type anything, hHa

  2. ricky

    I thought this chat was terrific, like all long chats it has it’s ebbs and flows that appeal to different listeners at different times. I just read Franks’ reply and appreciate him contributing in written form, He’s a valuable contributor and I’ve long admired his level-headed (no pun intended,) demeanor and to my thinking, wise perspective. I don’t mind when Frank shares his ideas on the Bible and spirituality any more than when Dave J and uncle odd were open about their life-changing spiritual revelations. It takes courage to humble yourself and share those stories when you’re at a low point in life so I don’t see it as being a salesman but hoping to help another person in the same boat. We have to be open to any ideas that can help cope with the changes that will effect the lifestyles we’ve all been accustomed to. I’m not endorsing anything in particular but one thing that has been helpful over the last 16 months has been changing my own mindset.

    1. YouCanCallMeAl

      I have not a care what people believe – have faith, go to church, believe in Jesus and the bible, the tooth faith and Santa. I really don’t care.

      But the bible and all these religions were created as structures of control. They are just the older structures of control, before TV. These were not about helping people understand truth and getting closer to reality – they were about getting people to turn themselves inside-out for their masters. What was good about it then? What is good about it now?

      Imagine we move to a world where we most have a neural mesh. Perhaps, some people will refuse the neural mesh – they will watch screens. Those people who watch the MSM on screens do not have the truth, just because they refuse to have a neural mesh. They are just choosing yesterday’s mind control. This imaginary example is directly comparable – why is it ok for the old mindcontrol to be promoted?

      So, while I am fine for people to believe in whatever they like, I do think there is a problem on FAKEOLOGIST.com to sit around promoting the bible etc, 10 times every show. I’ve no objection to discussions going that way naturally – but no – it is steered to this topic all the time!

      1. xileffilex

        Let us know how your system without controls – there can be good and bad controllers – will work. I’m all ears. Let’s all go off and find the truth, lol!

          1. YouCanCallMeAl

            I’m not proposing an alternative system, nor controllers or whatever you are saying.

            I’m saying if you know parts of the old control system – eg that the MSM is there to mislead, or that religion is there to control the masses – why would you willingly give time to promote that? I don’t see how it is acceptable to give free and uncritical airtime to religious stories on a show like fakeologist.

            This is not a complicated or contentious opinion.

  3. anounceofsaltperday

    Thanks @Angie, @Scotty, @Vantassel and @YouCanCallMeAl for taking the time to listen to the conversations and making your comments. For the avoidance of doubt, I shall reiterate my opinion that the uncopyrighted bibles provide the most accurate written description of predicament that I find myself in. I do not, for one second, delude myself that this is a popular model. I do take delight in discussing the virtues of the bible with those that have a contrary view. I ask the contrarians to EXPLICITLY state their objections to that written text and in particular, which part is “untrue” and what is the reasoning underpinning their view.

    The reason that I recommend the prayer given to us by the character Jesus Christ in Luke 11 of the KJV is because my experience on the predicament that I am in firstly became bearable, then pleasant, then joyful, then astonishing and now glorious. Other people that discuss this with me have also reported similar experiences. For those that read this that are having the very best of life experiences without prayer then my comments do no harm. For the remainder, I can only suggest that if you have need of supernatural help then there is no need to be prideful. You can test the promise of Luke 11 for yourself, in the quiet of your home or in the rebellious noise of your own mind and make your own evaluation.

    I would suggest that many of the people that have crossed words with me at this site do not share the opinion that i am a “good guy” This is certainly true of many people in the space of interactions with living and breathing men and women. Goodness is far too great a claim for me to make.

    My parting words are that I am heartened that the discussion on R&R generated discussion. I for one think this is a sign of vigour… a quality I do admire in all men and women.

    1. Scotty

      Ge Day, Frank, relistening to that last episode, have you ever looked in to Christian name, Surname and the truth behind the so called 2de amendement , the right to bare arms, how Napoleon forced all Dutch to take a surnane, how familie arms are not talked about, being a Scot maeself, i m intae clan , tribe, family, love to here yer take on that,
      I enjoy yer input on the podcasts, it,s like sitting in a room with really cool folks , cheers and thanks Again

      1. Scotty

        Matrix 3, agent Smith becomes one, with Neo, thats biblecal thrurth , itz a law book amoung other veils of Isis, it,s all in there, not manu get it , keep on Frank , cheers mate

      2. Anonymous

        Hi Scotty. On the topic of “Surname” I have been closely following the work of Christian Remedy in Law. He puts forward an argument, which I find very convincing, that our birth certificates place us “in Sin” (meaning in debt) by illicitly mixing our Christian names with the government given “Surname”. He recommends that we give notice to whichever “person” is responsible for birth certificates advising them you do not consent to the appearance of your private names appearing on a public document. His view is that this removes you from trap of “legal”. I urge you to review his work. www.youtube.com/user/Christian…

  4. YouCanCallMeAl

    Great to hear this show, and great to hear Alto and Misom back on.

    I personally thank Frank for his observations on salt, etc – he is a top fakologist.

    But, the religious stuff being forcibly shoehorned into every flipping conversation, at every juncture, is becoming very dull! Its got NOTHING to do with anything ‘fakological’. No, Satan is not real to me – when someone lies that is not Satan that did it. Great that the lord’s prayer makes a difference to his life – but I’ve heard this probably upwards of 100 times now. Its just not fakology. I’ve even written a critique of this approach – but there seems to be no way to derail the Jesus stuff.

    If that’s what Frank needs to talk about can I suggest that he takes an hour on Sundays, and deliver a sermon to proselytize to all who want it – in the meantime can we keep religious beliefs out of the conversation unless they are a natural part of the discussion?

    Anyway – I am a fan of Frank’s other contributions. If he could hold himself back to mentioning God once every 10 shows or something (as opposed to 10 times per hour) it would be a lot easier to listen to.

      1. YouCanCallMeAl

        Frank is a good egg for sure.

        But I wouldn’t think to tell everyone about my invisible friend all the time – so why is it ok to talk about Jesus all the time? It certainly wouldn’t be ok for me to speak about MSM stories being true – but religious stories get a pass – why? They are the same! Possibly worse – cos they are designed to get into your head!

        Let’s not forget that there is a genuine conspiracy with Jesus and the bible and all religions frankly. The special texts are likely to have been are provided to us as means of control. TV or MSM news has been provided in the past 100 years – before was religion. Its just the old mind-control. I understand how we can feel wistful for the mind-control of books or religion – I feel wistful for 2019. But let’s not pretend that being provided an old-fashioned worldview from the church is where freedom is, just because we have TV now.

        We have a ‘false bad’ (fake viruses, fake information, fake presentation) but religion is a ‘false good’. Religions, their provided texts and special interpretations are not true just because something else is obviously false and bad. Both MSM and religious thinking are traps that are pre-provided for us – objectively neither are true – we cannot verify these stories. Why must we switch off our brains for God, the church and its texts!??

        Fine, have faith in the stories if that’s what you like, but its not ok to call the stories true that Satan is real, etc. You are giving the old mind-control an airing to people as if it has any validity. If it is valid please show me Satan – where is he? Or shut up! You are not serving truth to allow unsubstantiated stories to be promoted show after show as Frank does.

        1. vantassel

          One of the Fakeologist chats I was on was derailed into Jesus talk and went into overdrive when I asked if they (Frank and Dave J) were happy living their lives through a book that was written by the hands of a man.
          That suggestion shouldn’t ‘trigger’ you if you have confidence in the book.
          The word of God indeed.

    1. Mike D

      It’s just not the Bible being interjected into the chats. The New Age/Gnostic type believers regularly speak about their New Age beliefs & perspectives…peace

  5. Scotty

    Frank, i,d love to have a chat, i,m 99% with you, even Dallas Goldbug, different on divorce , i,ll try to get my audio game sorted, figure out the time zones, i,m a oldschool listener, anno 2013, ep 30 i think, fake paul

  6. Angie

    Frank, why would it be awkward for you if your bible proves to be incorrect? You still have Pascal and his wager.

    The bible was penned by men who did not have your best interests at heart, the Creator on the other hand, more than likely did.

    The wondering never ends does it? It just goes deeper and deeper but I still accept the Creator’s love and protection as you do, as all we deserve to.

    (Written with love for a fellow human.).

  7. Angie

    It’s the dumbing down of people again isn’t it? Taking away responsibility regarding traffic control.

    I’ve tried to find the video I saw years ago about a test carried out that proved just what human beings are capable of when controls and dictates are removed from a busy intersection, notorious for road rage incidents. Sadly the video is no longer available but road users, including cyclists and pedestrians, all worked perfectly together. Found these two links but the video was a much better example of consideration and responsibility.



    The most important thing is for us useless eaters to be rendered completely irrelevant and nod our stupid heads in agreement.

  8. Angie

    Sorry, I really should listen to the whole thing before commenting – what a wonderful discussion between Farcevalue, Alton and Frank, this is what makes your platform so brilliant. A joy to listen to. Thanks again ab.

  9. Angie

    Democracy = majority rule = mob rule. However, John Le Bon is a contrarian just to be a contrarian.

    On a lighter note, Farcevalue you have the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard.

    Our red under the bed is Starmer, just waiting to crawl out when Johnson has finished his idiot script.

  10. Angie

    Gerald Scarfe was the illustrator for The Wall.

    Great chat – some genuinely laugh out loud moments. The funniest was when ab said a heartfelt sorry while Frank was bemoaning the lack of lamb chops.

    Contrarily, Frank and Rick, so sad to hear you speak of your children as burdens. You both sound like good fathers so I’m confused why you’d use that term. The responsibility is huge, particularly when we are in the position of having to explain that the world is a manufactured hellhole, but that’s our burden not theirs. Is that what you meant?

  11. Angie

    Alton (is that his name?) is correct, we really are under the cosh here in the UK and have been for a very long time. Maybe your prayers offer you protection Frank (mine do me) but I wouldn’t take my chances with the UK police.


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