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Markus Allen, [25.07.21 :12]
CalFIRE Intentionally Letting Fires Burn Out of Control!!!

Greencrow As the Crow Flies…

Canuck Law


The people of France shot the presidents house of with horse shit.

Goodbye dollar, hello digital dollar

Ron DeSantis urges Floridians to get vaccinated despite leading anti-lockdown efforts

It will always be your fault

COVID Propaganda – Mass Hypnosis Exposed by a Hypnotist

Saved Threaded Fakeologist Chat

XClave Private Towns

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8 thoughts on “FAK343-Markus Allen

  1. Gabriel

    Dallasgoldbug has some really good material but it’s mixed in with a lot of other analysis that will take you off to lala land. One of my most favorite truths comes from Dallasgoldbug. He has a clip that shows the Dallas police or actor police practicing for the staged and fake shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald. That clip was one evidence that solidified for me the whole JFK event was staged.

    Having said that, Dallasgoldbug then makes a leap that ear analysis shows JFK later became Jimmy Carter. It would not shock me if some actors played multiple roles in history but I cannot get onboard with this one. Also, even if some Greenberg family is playing actors in other TV or news or staged events is not personally interesting to me. I already acknowledge all of government and all of media is complicit. All of the shootings are staged. Learning more about them and how they are done does not help me further. It’s this kind of rabbit hole that keeps truthers busy and distracted and when they go try and share that information it makes them look crazy.

  2. xileffilex

    The hypnotist is a real guy

    original unedited video, April 8 2021, from this zoom call –

    The BIS are really motoring on the digital currency. The digital £ seems to be lagging

    July 21 2021
    “it is a global agenda” Toronto and Paris/Frankfurt [the EU] added to the original 5 innovation hubs of Basell/Zurich, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, and Stockholm [Nordic countries]

  3. walker

    Re: Marcus hesitant about partnering with Del or Alex Jones

    Not to be judgemental here, but just as a thought experiment:

    The controllers of Twitter are 100% complicit in this scam; not just providing as an open platform for propaganda but actively promoting it while censoring those who question it. I would not be surprised if Twitter is an intelligence operation at it’s core.

    Meanwhile on AJ and del, for whatever their shortcomings, you find alternative view points questioning the narrative as a rule. Point being, if you are willing to use Twitter to spread your message then it seems like a slam dunk to also use del, AJ, etc if given the chance.

    1. vantassel

      my twitter got taken down the day after I posted this tweet.
      none of my previous posts had anywhere near those numbers.

    2. xileffilex

      I follow a few people’s twitter feeds who are on my covaids wavelength who have large followings [as a way of finding out what’s in the wind]. What I find bizarre is how obvious trolling or counter narrative tweets always seem to find their way up to be among the first or second replies, independent of how popular they are [naturally they never get many thumbs up] or how soon they were made after the original post. Clever stuff from the intel controllers.

  4. anounceofsaltperday

    Another VERY stimulating chat between Markus and Tim from my point of view.

    Firstly, I note that Markus is very keen to limit the conversation points on any proposed interaction between us. I do of course conditionally accept the offer to join you both in a future chat on the basis that there are no topics that are undiscussable and in particular I would like to have the following discussion points raised:
    1. The connections that Dallasgoldbug has made between the Hall of Fame, Saturday Night Live, the Greenberg family, Tina Fey and AIG insurance
    2. The contributions Dallasgoldbug made in providing the documents for the nomination of political candidates
    3. The contributions Dallasgoldbug made in providing a copy of the control script for the live action drill of a particular school shooting “drama”
    4. The contributions Dallasgoldbug made in regard to recording emergency service conversations during the live drills.
    5. The use of biometric identification features such as ears, hands, veinous structures etc
    6. The use of dummies in the Columbine shooting

    Secondly, I think Markus has gone a step too far in suggesting the development of a blood bank to store the blood of the unvaccinated. My understanding is that we already have an horrendous black market for organ transplants. Is Markus now proposing that the unvaccinated should be harvestable to those vaccinated for the ongoing maintenance of their vital bodily fluids? It takes very little foresight to see the horrors that will take place should this idea take hold.


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