If I read of another 33 year old…

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Any chance this is a real person? If so, a real story? I’m leaning towards sim atrocity propaganda, research if you can. This is an info war like no other.

So, probably not one of the brightest after all.

I have to admit, I thought really didn’t think there would be so much schadenfreude to be found in repeated incidents of relatively young people dropping dead long before their time, but then, I had no idea how obnoxious some of those who fell for the vaccination lies were capable of being.

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5 thoughts on “If I read of another 33 year old…

  1. xileffilex

    From the UK, more fictional nonsense from the covaids machine July 27 2021
    Agoraphobic man, 33, dies of Covid before vaccine while struggling to leave home

    “He had not had the vaccine yet because it was difficult to get him out of the house. He did want it though. And he believed they would work.
    “But he also believed everyone should have their own opinion.
    “He planned to have it – he wanted it.
    “He was more reclusive than agoraphobic really . He couldn’t bear crowds.”

    Suuuuuure, he caught it from his jabbed parents [to support the current narrative] who had both exhibited the “Classic” symptoms of the fake virus.

  2. walker

    Mistakenly, I found myself in the middle of a forum vax debate on a normie website yesterday. What struck me about the provaxxers is the elevation of this decision to the ultimate determining factor as to whether a person is intelligent or not. I’ve started noticing this same thing when I trip and fall into normie Twitter. The implicit belief among these vax loving folk is that no one who has taken it is a dumb person, not a person of average intelligence. Of the scores of millions who have submitted to the injection, they will have you believe that these are the elite minds of the world. The rest are knuckle-dragging inbreds.

    1. xileffilex

      That’s how the so-called liberal elite who run the universities and the media depicted those [the inconvenient majority] who wanted the UK to leave the European super-state. aka the hive mind.


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