FAK345-Markus and Levi

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Markus Allen, [27.07.21 :37]
Uncle Vigilante (Telegram)


Zach Hubbard

Dick Gregory

Milton William Cooper

Milton William Cooper Porterville Presentation

R22 Refrigerant Becomes Illegal in Arizona – What Should You Do?

R22 Refrigerant Becomes Illegal in Arizona – What Should You Do?

The Most Dangerous Radio Talk Show Host In America, Milton William Cooper

Shimmy Biegeleisen – City Releases Tapes of 911Calls From Sept. 11 Attack

Dr. Day on Fakeologist


Is Tom Brady’s viral video real or fake? – CNET

World’s Loudest Most Durable Megaphones & Bullhorns For Sale

Fakeologist Discord

EscapeTheNewNormal.com (Markus Allen)

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54 thoughts on “FAK345-Markus and Levi

  1. Bob

    People have to remember that People like Bill Cooper who are well known and pushed are ALL disinformation agents. Jordan Maxwell and David Icke as well. They do give out some truths but its a lot of disinformation as well. I am pretty positive that Coopers death was a hoax. They always want you to think they kill whistle-blowers. I went down the same awakening trail thinking Alex Jones, Cooper, Maxwell and Icke and many others were real truthers. They are NOT.

  2. Angie

    This is hilarious- so I am now accused of being an agent provocateur, antifa and god knows what else! Not possible that I am just a logical human stating my truths, no? How fucking sad you are ab. And getting your silly little gang to help you attack me. Grow a pair ab. So you accept you gold but know you have to have a family member pay the price and you’d do that – you would actually sell one of your family down the river to keep your shilling. What a loser. How are your family? All of them well and healthy ab? Everything going well for you ab? That’s cool. Pleased to hear it!

    1. Angie

      Speak/write in correct English please.

      Is this a deliberate attempt to make us appear stupid and incoherent or something?

      Can’t you write correctly when you’re on your knees low napoleon?

      1. napoleon wilson

        after learning the fantastic voyage a virus phage makes ,pointing out a carbon bat going into a blackhole with oz overlapped from No-lens made spacebats fun again , blaming people is bullshit i blame myself haahah spacebat is good from No-lens

  3. napoleon wilson

    Look it’s getting boring the meta script, and I propose those reading the script should maybe watch the fucking films, it’s full of anagrams and twins, not sure Mavis icke is will brake the protocols of oz none of the leading skeptics are aloud, damn shame if you ask me , al qa eda or ape a pl-an-et, ha . ha, the of script has Ruby slippers a yellow card reporting system, no magi-311 involved just inversion,

    They want you dead

    1. Angie

      I sincerely hope you’re talking about the insane, neurotic freaks who are really running this shit show we call life because no one else is. Ab’s either getting paid by them or he is one. And yes, they do indeed want us dead – they absolutely believe we are ‘the other’ = just parasites. Oh, the fucking inversion, subversion and diversion.

            1. Angie

              I was going to post a link to a very enlightening video that shows just what these beings think of us, the venomous filth that pours from their disgusting mouths about ‘us’ but it would be completely pointless because it’s the Romans……all wrapped up, nice and safe. And anyway, it would be me who would be considered the racist. Inversion. Subversion. Diversion. So you can ban me now.

                  1. Angie

                    You anti-pope-ite/anti-romanite you. Oh wait, you can’t be strung up for that!

                    (Just unwritten my own rule, hate it when I do that).

                    1. Angie

                      ‘Course you do, don’t want to upset your friends in high places.

                      Do you seriously believe you’re going to be respected or looked after when it gets tough? You’re just dirt under their shoes along with the rest of us. Welcome to the real world.

                      You can all talk as much shit as you want about me on your next show, it matters nothing to me but you know I’m right. You matter nothing to them.

              1. napoleon wilson

                years ago if something was posted at fakeologist id read it on air ,give my limited opinion based on the knowledege of said topic ,no sensoring or nuffin, pause on bits i didnt understand and even try and work it out on air, always loved chris kendall for that

                if someone stood out a mile as a genius id point that shit out it takes a genius to know agenius xxx ,
                now im sure anyone one of the contradicting voices here at fakeologist would gladly read out and examine what you or anyone took the time to add , apart from my work obviously ,cant read that out on air ,it would start a podcast which would last a minimum has a thousand hours and finish with ……..CHAOS

                “I was going to post a link to a very enlightening video that shows just what these beings think of us, the venomous filth that pours from their disgusting mouths about ‘us’ but it would be completely pointless because it’s the Romans……all wrapped up, nice and safe”. IM SURE YOU COULD !!

                but im gonna guess it takes years of studying and deep thought to come to a conclusion which fits all the motives and observations plus makes more sense than the accepted history ,and yet i bet there is such a view and im betting you can provide it , i have no interest in concensus truth or what shithouses will or wont talk about ,

                remember angier im not a mason or a jew , as far as im aware masons are mongs that couldnt figure out theyve been played

                i am however a fan of americans and canadians ,and seeing as these countries are run by actors with a script shouldnt be too hard to point out that the biggest show on earth is in the wizard No-lens movies or that satr wars clues is (magic behind 911)

                anyway i cant have a pop at abirato ,once my youtubes gone its gonna leave my posts looking like swiss cheese ,thats ok because my videos were showing off anyway not a good trait but a necessary one
                maybe just maybe one day some one from the discord might if their confident enough will read the blog live on air, but lets not forget blaming romans and jews is one thing

                spacebats is another totally hahahahaahahhahahahahahah

                private joke-r

                1. Angie

                  And again, napoleon, you start off talking sense and then veer off into non-sense land – what’s the point other than diversion? Marching in like you have the ultimate answer, the code for placating two warring factions … how? By playing the idiot?

                  Either talk sense or don’t bother commenting to me. It’s fucking annoying. I mean it’s not like we’re all under a great big bastard cosh here is it?!

                  It’s either the Romans or the Jews is it napoleon? Ab believes it’s the Romans. What do you believe? Ab, please do show me any particular Roman (anyone will do) revelling in their pure hatred of the equivalent of a goy – with pure fucking venom about how we are to be completely exterminated from this world because we are nothing but parasites and they are the chosen ones. Chosen by God (or g-d). I mean this latest worldwide purge in the making could be part of that plan, no? Maybe? They have dates to meet, portences to fulfill after all.

                  Sorry for being a potty mouthed female by the way, I’m sure the misogynistic Rick will have something to say about that. And again, I feel everything I say has to be given with a disclaimer – no, I don’t buy into the women’s lib shit – I have resisted all manner of culture creation. I mean Rick assumed I was a man. You’d think none of that nonsense mattered here. More crappy diversion.

                  Oh and just so I don’t upset the super sensitivities of the high and mighty master of ceremonies- I don’t have purple hair or wear a nose ring either.

                  1. Vespadouglas

                    Angie, i have to concur with the monotony of particular posts. Talking of masters of ceremonies, whatever happened to the english guy with the head trauma who suddenly REappeared then booted people then disappeared?

                2. Angie

                  What private joke hahaha??? What does that even mean? Who shares in the private joke? If it’s private why even mention it? So it’s private and some of us don’t get to share it? How old are you?. Does it make you feel special or something? I recall that crap when I was at school, when I was 14.

                  Aren’t you in your 40s ffs. This is supposed to be a site where we talk about truth. Grow up and stop hiding behind your fucking ridiculous arty farty shite.

                  1. napoleon wilson

                    truth ok , we live in a society where its greatest hypnotic film makers or progammers are raised to highest standard when really its programming ,kubrick ,lucas, nolan, speilberg , these chaps made the last 3rd century just as the sci fi writers made the first third all overlap and all stories , so when i say wizards your dealing with ,space ,dinosaurs ,blackholes and spacebats , and an alchemical telling of september 11 in a space film made by the people who had the capabilities ,every fakeologist will get tha joke

                    i think my logic is sound ,nice white monolith in the background there

                    1. Angie

                      I do know the people making the films are dictated to by the people running the show. What am I not getting that you seem to think you are? I speak in black and white, you speak in metaphors (or whatever fancy name you chose to ascribe to your meanderings) – the resultant understanding is the same. Please stop trying to pull a superiority act.

                  1. Angie

                    Ab, you’re placid, I get that and I’m not, (I do actually respect you for you calmness) it doesn’t make me or my behaviour trollish though. That’s offensive, just as you think I’m offensive – we come at things differently so please don’t use that childish word. I’ll accept aggressive. Serious question – who do you think is running this show? We are told ‘the real controllers’ are invisible but who is telling us this? And why do we accept that premise so readily? Isn’t that explanation a handy get out clause? I just don’t understand why you so happily blame the ‘romans’ whomever they might be! I mean, who are they? And if they’re so powerful how come there’s no ‘anti-romanite’ laws?? These are serious questions I ask of you! But you won’t answer. It’s uncertain who actually wrote these words (who knows who wrote what anymore!) but ‘to know who rules over you see who you can’t criticise’ – I know I’ve garbled that meme but you get the gist don’t you?

                    1. Fakeologist Post author

                      You’re so smart lay it out for us. I’ve discussed this ad nauseum – check the thousands of posts and audios from the past 9 years.

                  2. Angie

                    So now I’m ‘so smart’? How did you get that from my post? I asked you a question. One you don’t want to answer, apparently. Read my post again in case you misunderstood. I guess,

                    1. Angie

                      Not so smart am I – you’ve laid it out ‘ad nauseam’ and I’ve obviously missed it.

                    1. Angie

                      It’s alleged Voltaire stated “to know who rules over you, know who you can’t criticise”. I don’t know if he did say that or if the character Voltaire existed but the meme is out there so must be out there for a reason. So, why? Questions, always questions.

                    2. Vespadouglas

                      Yes angie, but you respect people who are sure there are no answers here. i would be interested to hear these opinions. i still have more faith in Ab being genuine than any “truther” out there. thats why the frauds come here. stavely, davej, herose……etc.so who do you reckon we should check out?

                  1. Angie

                    It’s literally mob rule, you bunch of paid bullies.

                    You must feel so proud – what guys.

  4. dirtybenny

    On March 6, 1975, on the ABC late-night television show Good Night America (hosted by Geraldo Rivera), assassination researchers Robert Groden and Dick Gregory presented the first-ever US network television showing of the Zapruder film.

    1. napoleon wilson

      “Eleven years ago when the president of the U.S. was assassinated. There were many questions then about the investigation into his death and over the years the’ve just intensified. We devote the entire 90 minutes to talking to Dick Gregory and the experts, presenting evidence and discussing whether there was just the lone assassin or were there several men involved or was it major conspiracy ? Our experts included; Mark Lane, lawyer and author of “Rush to Judgement,” Dr. Josiah Thompson, author of “Six Seconds in Dallas,” Malcolm Kilduff, Assistant Press Secretary to the late President Kennedy, Jim Bishop, syndicated columnist and the author of “The Day Kennedy was Shot.” We also have the actual film of the assassination of the alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby.”

      Good Night America: Season 2; #15
      Episode: Bermuda Triangle, Who really killed JFK
      Air Date: March 3rd, 1975

      1. vantassel

        I passed this onto Human Vibration.

        The first frame of the Zapruder clip is tinted Purple.

  5. Bongo billy

    Abburito, your bumper says “fakeologists alll over the GLOBE”. I’m sending you a Masonic handsign right now to change That to terra with firmament .

    Why do the audio chats end with looney toons? Is this in lieu of a legal disclaimer?

      1. Bill

        We here at the bongo factory appreciate your commitment to improve your content to meet the standards of post-flat earth enlightened individuals.

        Let me know if you want a bongo bumper from bill.

        Ps I accept moderation of everything including moderation.

          1. Bongo bill

            I’m making fun of the Masonic stuff but your videos are a blatant display of kraftmaszhip


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