First they poison you, then they sell you the remedy

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Not once in this article do they mention the best way to avoid blood clots is avoid the clot shot. I won’t even bother listing all the autoimmune diseases caused by an autoimmune stimulator, but the top of the list is diabetes. Diabetes generates at least $20,000/year/person for Big Harma with no way out.…

Ever since health officials announced Canada’s first known case of rare, post-vaccination blood clots back in April, scientists have been racing to learn more about what causes the potentially deadly condition — and how to treat it.

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2 thoughts on “First they poison you, then they sell you the remedy

  1. walker

    C’mon, @fakeologist, no one is going to believe the plot of this movie!

    They dupe the world into believing there is a microscopic virus floating through the air killing everyone, and, even though everyone is perfectly fine, everyone takes not one — but two! — injections of a substance they know zero about because they are told it prevents mass death and suffering from this invisible virus. If that sequence of events isn’t totally, completely and utterly beyond believability, then they get even richer selling everyone drugs to mediate the damage done to them by taking the injections.

    Sounds like a total flop to me! Zero stars!!


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