Just two weeks and you’ll be in Utopia

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The virus is the myth to get you to accept your life pass- it will have your digital money, social credit, health score, green credit – and control every single move you make.

This dystopian video illustrates where it all leads.

Short film was made in 2019 – I’m sure there are many like it to program your future acceptance.

Source: Utopia – A man lives in a society where citizens … · F …

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1 thought on “Just two weeks and you’ll be in Utopia

  1. Unreal

    Good with a little comic relief.

    It would be helpful you think of adding some tangible information about the short film you post here and upload to Fakeotube.

    The short film hereover “Utopia” is written and directed by Kosta Nikas 2019 and can be found on Fakeotube, Youtube as well as on Omeleto – self proclaimed home of the world’s best short films.

    Utopia By Kosta Nikas | Sci-Fi

    IMDB Utopia 2019 14min


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