Educational apartheid for Canada

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The ghouls are ramping up the quaxxine wars. Most commenters are against this insanity. Make no mistake you’re in a war and you must choose a side.

How long until comments get shut down?

Going down(votes)

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3 thoughts on “Educational apartheid for Canada

  1. xileffilex

    @1.35 “333,785 unvaxxed youth…. suuuure.

    Meanwhile in the UK, to persuade the yoof,

    The government has refused to rule out the idea of making full Covid vaccination mandatory for students if they want to return to college and university campuses this autumn.

    [source Independent July 26, 2021, paywall]

    Check in onto campus, into every tutorial with your covid pass… one big indoctrination airport

    1. Fakeologist Post author

      It’s optional to return to skule next year. Of course, support and online classes are sparse to help make your decision. Wait until there are two shelves in the grocery stores, if you can get in.


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