Injured yet pro vax

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Is Big Harma behind this blatant cognitive dissonance website? Are they simply managing dissent? You have to be very good to spin harm into a positive.

Managing the 0;pissing clots” stories.

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7 thoughts on “Injured yet pro vax

  1. walker

    It’s basically controlled opposition.

    Whether intentional or not (although probably intentional), what these type of clown pro-vaxx groups do is offer a false sense of hope and relief to those who have been injured after their injections, who are likely very confused and traumatized by the experience.

    I mean, imagine believing this act was a safe and selfless one that would help stop a worldwide pandemic and get your life back to normal, only to have it horribly fuck you up. Meanwhile, the propaganda machine of safe-and-effective marches on without so much as superficial concern for you.

    Then you go looking for help on the internet and you find this site, which resonates with you because you are also pro-vaxx and pro-science. So you fill out their dinky form and feel like you have made a contribution, and maybe you even connected with some other poor injured folks like yourself. You feel like, hey, maybe my suffering doesn’t have to be in vain — I did the right thing after all.

    But what you didn’t get was someone explaining that you can’t actually catch a virus. Because if you learned this, then you would wonder then why would I need a vaccine in the first place? And, then you start to wonder what the hell did I just have injected into my body that hurt me. Then your entire worldview is forever changed. @xileffilex @fakeologist @napoleon

  2. xileffilex

    That HAS to be a controlled organisation

    We are pro-vaccine, pro-science and were excited for the opportunity to be vaccinated and to do our part in helping to end the pandemic.

    So they’re still pro-vax pro psience.
    19 Vax Reactions @C19Vax 13 Jul
    “We can vaccinate AND help the injured. This doesn’t need to be an either-or thing.”

    1. Fakeologist Post author

      I think I probably previously posted on this organization under another website. They are duplicating themselves under different banners. Very HB Gary military.

    2. localherog2

      Agreed! I wonder at what point they will realize that they canNOT continue to be both.

      1. napoleon wilson

        i think thats why theyve hypnotized everyone, to go along with the story ,obviously some have been watching society crumble on t,v,,i mean television and decided that saving their position in society is worth the atrocities that will follow , people are lost most of the truthers are conspi-racists blaming jews and blacks .

        the way i see it is the catholics run the world (jesuits) but dont mention the jews ( oh and if you start banging on about judy-ism being satanic yes thats masonry turn the star you get your masonic symbol to drool over , its not hard to work out is it a fucking clandestine religion who are good at banking and wanted to hire in other sectors ,but remeber jesus is the good guy and the devil is the bad guy ,they crucified the head mason , controlled opposition ,so if you are jewish your religion is run by masons and if your a mason you literally are a jew and joined a different type of maths club, secret societies one and all ,

        ozmacare thats hypnotism


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