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More required reading from a hundred years ago.

We haven’t made much progress when it comes to health.

Toxemia Explained The True Healing Art by M.D. John H. Tilden

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Virus explanation in comments

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Yes, I agree with this assertion. To bring it down to laymen’s terms, the PCR test is magnifying genetic material and thus renders most tests as positive. Also factor into the equation the fact that many people have developed coronaviruses at one point or another in their life, and you will find that most people will or will eventually test positive. Also, lets approach this from the opposite angle.


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Welcome home!

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Update: This story says it’s real, but I’m still not convinced.

Update: Until a fakeologist sets foot in the airport, upon review this is likely photoshopped. The sentiment is sound, however.


Medical apartheid in Vancouver, BC.

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