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  1. ricky

    Most sheeple don’t have any frame of reference for their health pre vaxes, they were too brainwashed and most too young to know any better. I’m old enough and became distrusting enough to remember, Vietnam cured me of trusting government. When flu shots and all the “new” vaxes emerged, it was an easy call to say f..ck you, you’re liars and don’t give a s..it about me. So all my trusting friends and family have gotten sick and/or died over time getting their shots making excuses by saying it would’ve been worse without them, meanwhile I’ve never had those “sicknesses,” but I’m the “conspiracy theorist.” Words can’t describe a system designed this way.

  2. napoleon wilson

    good post

    ill never get an injection for a 130 year old hypothesized invader ,that after a century of microscope improvements they still cant find ,doesnt fit any model and they use a wand to locate ,anyone wanna buy a canal boat to help me get off grid,trouble is its parked on mars

    as above so below

  3. xileffilex

    around 38:30 – I missed the “80 per cent” jab rate annoncement.
    Here’s the reference, coming from WHO tyrant who wanted to take people out of their houses back in April 2020, Michael Ryan of the WHO
    8 June 2021

    “But it’s certainly north of 80 per cent coverage to be in a position where you could be significantly affecting the risk of an imported case potentially generating secondary cases or causing a cluster or an outbreak.

    There’s probably a link somewhere to that WHO press converence/marketing exercise for big pharma.

    From the UK Government website, ONS

    An estimated 91.9% of the adult population in England, 92.6% in Wales, 90.0% in Northern Ireland and 88.6% in Scotland tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies in the week beginning 28 June 2021. The presence of antibodies suggests a person previously had COVID-19 or has been vaccinated.

    Estimated vaccination rates continued to increase in the week beginning 28 June 2021. Across the four UK countries, 86.4% to 91.4% had received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and 61.2% to 72.7% are fully vaccinated. These vaccination estimates will differ from daily official government figures, which are actual numbers of vaccines recorded.
    Last updated: 21/07/2021

    These numbers cannot possibly include people under 18


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