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3 thoughts on “FAC937-Benoit-Anounceofsalt-LindaCurtis

  1. napoleon wilson

    theres no way a minor has the critical thinking or experience to take the “experimental “injection it is the parents responsibility to protect a child, also to understand the pscyhological bullying and manipulation that has made it acceptable for parents to relinquish ownership and care of a childs well being and give it to the murderous state is disgusting as it only takes 6 mins to explain the fantastical virus theory . im not a cheese fan

    Fleigenfuerst,s pet shob boys cover of the timeless tears for fears everybody wants to rule the world was fun , but he needs to remove his mask so i can hear him better, wearing a mask is for mongs theres always an exeption for religion or medical grounds

    rick came in with some great chat as usual and as expected , purple play is awesome also , nice to hear videre .

    hi frank your doing a fantastic job

  2. Bong bill

    So Swiss cheese frogboy Ben, discord moderna rater, wants you to bend over because it is what it is. He likes the mask- you should too. Because of his stated narcissism his daughter is now vulnerable to the state poison injection and he takes no responsibility.

    Since Ben Dover started blabbering, the intelligence of listeners has decreased by 1/3. He is shilling for the pcr test. Perhaps his Yiddish relatives are giving him a cut.


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