No Agenda covid coverage

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Fantastic show as always.

[No Agenda] 1369: 0;COVID Roulette” @adamcurry… via @PodcastAddict

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3 thoughts on “No Agenda covid coverage

  1. napoleon wilson

    these guys are dumb, pointing out contradictions ,it’s fun n all, but you could have gone through all the experiments disproving contagion in the past hundred fucking years, 53 minutes and no shout out

    Good show last night ab, FYI all my videos point out either I.l.m making the twin tower models and the programming in I.l.m.s star wars , or this video showing the faucir,joker ,and his fear hustle in No-lens movies, ,

    Just because Masonic houseclowns are scared to repeat my videos doesn’t mean you should be embrace ozmacare , and schismogenesis , ha ha

      1. napoleon wilson

        , anonymouse hmm any relation to Mickeymouse , not sure what your query is , have I upset you , are you a magician or a hypnotist a Chris nolan fan ,maybe your just a star wars fan (me too),Judy wood fan ?, Ahh I know your a wizard of Oz fan ,got to be it definitely ,wtf am I on ? Not alot petal no drugs or drink , no head injuries to brag about , be more specific


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