4 thoughts on “Parody or not?

  1. napoleon wilson

    Remember also the public when asked if sending an innocent man to jail iwith nine other guilty men of a terrible crime, the answer changes when you tell them they’re the innocent one,

    So what will be the ozmacare equivalent of the fire of London, seeing as we’re in a scripted narrative and it’s playing out as we watch , new york?

  2. Unreal

    Mark Dice has an incredible ability to express extreme views with a straight face.

    The sad part here of course is that the general public mostly do what they are told and accepts the most tyrannic rules if these are promoted in the right way. This seems to be the case with Covid policy as vaccine passport legislation now is spreading all over after France opened the door to such grave measures completely ignoring the right of individuals free choice and restricting society severely.

    As a way to rationalize what this video represents, it might be good to actually realize that Mark Dice interacted with 27 people overall in the video, whereof 17 persons (12 interactions, 63%) were onboard with the petition and 10 individuals (7 interactions, 27%) were against.

    Watching the video the immediate impression is that say ninety percent of the people interviewed were pro-jail for anti-vaxers, but analysing it more in detail there were 63% in favour, and 27% against, gladly.

    In a world where the State is happy to make pubic laws to accommodate the needs of minorities such as the 0.8% Trans community – there should be hope that a quarter of the population could be heard when they get desperate. The beauty of of Democracy is clearly that the majority of the herd is very gullible and do exactly what what they are told to do – and think its their ideas in the end…

    1. Fakeologist Post author

      We can’t analyse the numbers because it’s an edited video. Editing can remove all unwanted info to create a bias. Knowing that, I still think it’s probably somewhat reflective of the public’s opinion.

    2. Unreal

      Sure – the video is edited.

      Still, was surprised that my first impression was ninety percent in favor of jailing anti-vaxers. Watching the video back, there were factually just over 60 percent who are onboard with Covid fascism in the clip. Surprised by my own 90% bias and thought to share.


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