FAK351-Fakeologist Live!

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3 thoughts on “FAK351-Fakeologist Live!

  1. xileffilex

    The fake death is a brilliant card used to steer and seal any narrative. It’s just as hard to discuss it in non-normie circles, so trustworthy of the MSM are normally suspicious minds whenever it announces a death such as G, Floyd, signed sealed and deliverd by “trustworthy” coroners, police, medics or funeral parlours. As soon as a simulated corpse is paraded on TV or a celeb death is announced, every conspeeracee theeeorists’s critical faculties disappears straight down the toilet. As I have said before, the proof is always in the casket. Everyone has their price. There must be whole swathes of workers gagged with NDAs whose day job is managing these identity changes


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