Wanted: new control group

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Moderna and Pfizer somehow lost the clinical control group testing the safety and efficacy of their COVID vaccines.

Since Big Harma doesn’t want one, you need to be the control group.


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1 thought on “Wanted: new control group

  1. xileffilex

    Occasionally one gets an interesting lead from UK Column members..
    Paradoxes in the reporting of Covid19 vaccine effectiveness
    Sept 15 2021
    from one of the Hart Group **

    The gist is that the effectiveness of jabbing everyone can be observed by comparing like with like – mortality of jabbeed people of an age, over time, compared with the control group of the same age groups “ignoring the cost”. The matter of individual choice is ignored, although the Hart Group wants core beliefs such as transmission, symptomatic or asymptomatic, to be studied more fully.

    They conclude that even if the data were available, the control group will be ever diminishing in any studies of “vaccine effiveness”,,,,

    Moving forward we should certainly be collecting this simple data, but our concern is that (in many countries) the ‘control group’ (i.e. unvaccinated) may soon not be large enough for such a simple evaluation.

    Why not look at it the other way round, the “lethality of vaccines” though??

    They also want to define jabbed as having had just one dose. The use of never ending boosters will make any comparisions almost impossible, another item they ignore.


    we identify a need for public policy to reflect a broader and more balanced approach across a number of key areas, such as:

    Impact of masks and mandatory lockdowns on wider society;
    Assessment of the long-term impact of school and university closures;
    Re-evaluation of the evidence on transmission and the role of asymptomatic spread;
    Re-evaluation of diagnostic testing, track and trace and associated data analysis;
    The psychological impact of the government’s COVID-19 advertising campaigns (in particular the ‘sick until proven healthy’ directives);
    An urgent evaluation of the evidence base for safe and effective (non-vaccine) medicines to treat and prevent illness from SARS-CoV-2 and its variants, and more research where considered necessary.


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