Ab’s Fakeologist show schedule

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Main show starts around 2030h-2100h EDT

Oct15: Saturday: FART 2.0 0400 EDT fake11.com/radio2

Oct16: Sunday: FAK399-Ab Solo

(check your timezone here)

LIVE HERE @ fakeologist.com/live

I am going to try a few shows a week to outline my research.

The show will be Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu from 2030h – 2100h. A half hour of updates of what I am writing and posting. If I have a caller inner, I’ll extend the show until 2130h.

You can reach me by phone here discord here.

As always, you can encourage me and support my work here.

Please note that some email notifications are being blocked – comcast.net addresses are bouncing due to the fakeologist email server 0;reputation”. Please use protonmail or gmail to receive updates.

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  1. music master

    Hey Ab, what’s Hoi Polloi /Decon’s Podcast and blog he mentioned…ta.

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