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1 year ago

I had a similar experience once people started to get vaccinated. I had ‘covid’-like symptoms and I don’t even believe in viruses, and I also had a rash. I was worst affected, with a 2-3 week flu, but those around me also got sick. Speaking to others online around that time (around 2 months ago now) who were also unvaxxed, it was remarkable that several of us also had the same experience at the same time, with the whole family affected. I consider that there are several possibilities – some sort of ‘shedding’, intentional poisoning (eg in the water) perhaps… Read more »

1 year ago

We don’t get out much anymore but wife, myself and adult son recently had lunch at a small, rural cafe surrounded by vaccinated pilgrims on the Camino De Santiago, the next day both the wife and son were down with terrible flu-like symptoms including super high fever. It was done in 48 hours and sure seemed like their bodies were detoxing something