2 thoughts on “CIRS sufferers react to the quaxx

  1. YouCanCallMeAl

    I had a similar experience once people started to get vaccinated.

    I had ‘covid’-like symptoms and I don’t even believe in viruses, and I also had a rash. I was worst affected, with a 2-3 week flu, but those around me also got sick. Speaking to others online around that time (around 2 months ago now) who were also unvaxxed, it was remarkable that several of us also had the same experience at the same time, with the whole family affected.

    I consider that there are several possibilities – some sort of ‘shedding’, intentional poisoning (eg in the water) perhaps even some sort of psychosomatic trigger.. But it does seem most likely that it was related to the vaxxed.

  2. brianh

    We don’t get out much anymore but wife, myself and adult son recently had lunch at a small, rural cafe surrounded by vaccinated pilgrims on the Camino De Santiago, the next day both the wife and son were down with terrible flu-like symptoms including super high fever. It was done in 48 hours and sure seemed like their bodies were detoxing something


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