FAC956-Rick and Rollo and Velocet

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Big call, including Ab, Sarahhhha, Jon le Bon, Jonnycomelately, Farcevalue, Critical Syncer, Lost Spider Phallus, Typoerror, Linda Curtis, Ophallus, Misom, Ded Kelly

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7 thoughts on “FAC956-Rick and Rollo and Velocet

      1. YouCanCallMeAl

        I’m a fan 🙂

        PS kudos to Velocet for all his behind the scenes work, and attempts to improve the chats.

        PPS obviously kudos to you too, Mr Fakeologist 🙂

    1. marin2

      A university is since years a complete deception, because they have to bring in money for people behind the scenes. There are no exemptions anymore.


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