Dr. Julie Ponesse, professor of Ethics – FIRED!

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Source: Dr. Julie Ponesse, professor of Ethics at the Un … · F …

In an interview she sounds real:

[Trish Wood is Critical] Julie Ponesse and Jackie Rumbouts ? #trishWoodIsCritical
podcastaddict.com/episode/1283… via @PodcastAddict

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Julie Ponesse, professor of Ethics – FIRED!

  1. Alan Donelson

    This neophyte’s genealogical research — Be like Miles! — turned up little. However, before we surrender ourselves to what seems a minor “psychological operation” gone viral — The Power$ That Be taking the pulse of the populace en masse, my CONclusion! — you might be relieved to know Julie won’t necessarily miss her classroom. And she will likely not suffer financially. Evidence?


    Julie Ponesse was born in North Vancouver and currently splits her time between Niagara-on-the-Lake, where she paints and offers painting workshops, and London, Ontario, where she teaches Philosophy at Western University.

    Julie’s work focuses on architecture, landscapes, and floralscapes. Whether working on location or in the studio, Julie strives to capture the general impression of simple scenes and objects in a fresh and uncomplicated way. She is known for her loose brushwork and fresh use of colour, and is particularly interested in the subtle interplay between light and shadow. Her pieces are colourful and unfussy, and she continues to push the boundaries of how much detail can be omitted while still having a scene ‘read’ correctly.

    Julie’s work has been featured in solo exhibits, and is currently available in galleries in Ottawa, Stratford, and the Niagara region. She is also an award-winning plein air painter and regularly offers commissioned pieces.

  2. Gabriel

    Wow, there are clearly no ethics or morality in the Canadian government or leadership at universities. We are living in an evil world and all those pushing to require the vaccines are our enemy. If I was able to start the world over, the good Doctor Julie Ponesse would be my first hire. Got to give her credit to stand by her convictions. If ever there was a good fight in a legal setting I sure think this is.


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