Bill Gates: the next one will be a big one

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This psychopath has been missing for a while.

I thought I’d drag this old clip up because it still resonates in my head.

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2 months ago

Are you aware that Bill Gates is Jewish? He is. So is Klaus Schwab of the WEC. So many of these key actors in the plandemic are Jewish. Jews are behind Covid 19 and the vaccines. It is not anti Semitic to speak the truth that the Jews are behind all of the major lies and deceptions of this world, including the Covid 19 plandemic. Its not enough to know that there are lies and deceptions in this world. You have to go beyond the lies and deceptions to see who is behind them and what the real long term… Read more »

2 months ago
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human gullibilty is behind covaids but i understand the jew angle ,in my opinion that is probably a correct correlation ,but i also think if i wanted to take over id use a vague lineage or religion to keep out the riff raff , an inversion of the current popular one ,which at the time was probably pagan in origin i dont think abs worried about being anti anything the chap has great judgement and has pointing out the holocaust numbers was fabricated with stories and fear both before and after ww2. most of the directors who are contracted to… Read more »

2 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

thats me