1 thought on “All together now- 6uild 6ack 6etter

  1. dirtybenny

    The parasitic hive entrained in lockstep with relentless pursuit of THEIR agenda….and indeed, THEY are all in this together….

    From Stephers research at POM…..

    “Build back better” is the motto (more like the mantra) of the 4IR/Great Reset architects. I hope you will read the following articles to get a better sense (pun intended) of what they really mean when they propagate their build back better mission:

    1) From December 2020: “Graphene: The Building Block for Sustainable Cities”(https://statnano.com/news/68337/Graphene-The-Building-Block-for-Sustainable-Cities)

    2) From April 2021: “Building Better Cities, Thanks to Manchester’s Advanced Materials Expertise” (www.thegraphenecouncil.org/blo…)

    3) From May 2021: “First Graphene(ASX:FGR) Is the Real Catalyst to Build Back Better” (emerginggrowth.com/first-graph…).


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