Hey Canada: Covid hell is coming very soon and it looks like this

like this

I’d say by next summer this will be Canada.

Letter from Lithuania.

I want to share the situation which my family and I are now facing because of Covid Pass restrictions.

We live in the small European country of Lithuania. In the last few months, strict Covid Pass restrictions have been introduced which represent a fundamental transformation in society.

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3 months ago

“My wife and I are not opposed to Covid vaccinations. Vaccination can be beneficial for the right people. “

Is that provaxxx position indicative of controlled opposition?

3 months ago

That is a truly shocking read.

Mainly because most people I know will certainly go along with what they are told – I can’t see why it would be different here in the UK. And, as the author points out, this was previously a communist country – you’d think they would be aware of the repurcussions of a ‘passes please’ society.