7 thoughts on “Covid Trojan horse

  1. napoleon wilson

    heres some predictive programming,not for us !!!!apes this is for the clever apes!!!! .

    so in interstellar the spacebat (carbon lander) which looks remarkably like a batmobile has to break the “brane” barrier

    yes the spacebat is released and breaks the brane barrier it acheives this and thus the rangers(ruby slippers) use their engines to push cooper into the blackhole ,which is surrounded by a yellow brick road

    some people think were dumb

  2. mike d

    Whatsherface is the female version of Paul Joseph Watson; the delivery of their message is exactly the same. Perhaps they are the same person.

  3. Gabriel

    Whatsherface always has very compelling information and sense of humor to convey it. The Aaron Russo quote is very timely and a good reference. Its not a stretch to think the evil doers want us all to be chipped and managed with a social credit system.

    Although I enjoy her videos I do wonder how she has not been taken down by YouTube. Usually if someone is able to stay that means the content is approved. What is the purpose behind Whatsherface? My guess is her role is to say what is obvious with incredulity while it proceeds to happen. Maybe she is some sort of confirmed predictive programming. Or, maybe she will show up one day and say that she caught covid and her child died and we all need to go get the vax. I’ll continue to monitor to see what happens with her. Maybe she is genuine and slipping under the radar, although I doubt it.


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