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Fakeologist — Today at 4:09 AM
Hey Canada: Covid hell is coming very soon and it looks like this
I’d say by next summer this will be Canada. Letter from Lithuania. I want to share the situation which my family and I are now facing because of Covid Pass restrictions. We live in the small …

purplePlay — Today at 4:21 AM
Happy Birthday Rick!:birthday: @esoterick
Aka klaus:rofl:
purplePlay — Today at 4:33 AM
A heretic
jan erik — Today at 5:58 AM

Portuguese Judge puts the police in their place
Mirror. Source
Portuguese Judge Puts The Police In Their Place gemmaodoherty.com/portuguese-j…

Quote: 0;(None)”

Newsbreak 133 | Breaking: Dr. Young reveals Graphene, Aluminium, LNP capsids, parasite…

anounceofsaltperday — Today at 6:57 AM

Tony Heller
FDA Vaccine Hearing

Fakeologist — Today at 7:36 AM

anounceofsaltperday — Today at 8:40 AM


Deena Hinshaw

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3 thoughts on “FAC957-Rick and Rollo

  1. dirtybenny

    Another wonderful R&R audiochat…thanks to the participants

    I will chime in in opposition to the common law rabbit hole. My model is that we are in a spiritual war (agree with Rick) that is based on our consenting to doom ourselves, be that physical and/or spiritual, via deception. We are rapidly approaching a crossroads.

    Everything in this infected realm is based in consent, usually via deception and/or coercion…..cookies, terms and conditions of applications and software, citizenship, social security, driver’s license, taxation, passport, medical and surgical interventions, “vaccinations”, etc. As previously voiced, I do not believe that the injections are meant to kill the herd. If that were the goal, there are much easier ways to do that directly via the food, air, and water. I know that all of those avenues are already tainted, but not meant to directly kill.

    I will never “conditionally accept (consent)” to their injections. So you “conditionally” consent to harm your body and spiritual connection in return for the blatantly corrupt system “conditionally” agreeing to pay you damages…. in their money? …Not me…

    So you are attempting to “act in honor” in your bargaining with a demonic deceptive system that is actively covertly constructing a panopticon around you? …not me…

    The system is corrupt and attempting to petition it for my personal natural freedom is not the direction I pursue. Whether they call it directives, orders, laws….what does it matter? The system itself is corrupt. Will hundreds of NOL’s change the system? I don’t think so….Clinging to some hope that there is a vestige of legitimacy will not change the nature of the beast.

    I do not consent…. ever….no conditions….no discussion…i do not consent.

  2. napoleon wilson

    if any has freeman predicting 911 can they post it, ive heard him say it ,im not sure its recorded or whatever
    some fantastic chat as usual thanks to everyone involved

    freeman fly on atlantis and egypt

    The Germanenorden (Germanic or Teutonic Order) was an occultist and völkisch secret society in early 20th-century Germany. Its aim was to monitor Jews and spread antisemitic material.

    also if farcevalues psycho report is accurate and i believe 1in20 sounds about right ,theres more psychos not working for the government , hope they didnt join the private sector

  3. napoleon wilson

    rick i love listening to you but you just scared the shit out of me with a demon being called manchester ,i missed the beginning and just heard you say it oooohh
    also for any listeners just as the real death figures from covid need adjusting with the falsepositive equation(covaids is bollocks),usually minus97.3percent .when rick says ten years ago he means 20 years ago ,hes old like us and stopped counting in 2012 after the barrage of hrdpar,s
    time flies when your distracted

    more to come


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