2 thoughts on “Tales from Ontario hospital · Covid protocols a death sentence

  1. GSB

    They killed my father with their protocols in South Carolina a few weeks ago.

    He had had heart issues following a heart attack two years ago and their protocols following the operation didn’t do will for him back then. So much so that they had to stop them due to nearly killing him at that time. When he went to the hospital at my mother’s behest just a month ago with some minor respiratory issues which were complicating things with his heart troubles, they of course “tested” him and informed him that he had the dreaded illness du jour. They refused to “treat” him for it without accepting their heart related protocols again, as well. Why he ever agreed, I’ll never know, but he made a fatal choice at that point.

    Between their blasted heart and C-19 protocols, he went from some heart pains and a minor cough but otherwise fully functioning to being put on 24/7 bipap in complete isolation within a day and a half (unable to even put on his reading glasses to read or send a text message). Two days later, they pushed him onto a ventilator. When they took him off, he took just a few short breaths and then died.

    The hospital actually held on to his PCR results until the day of his death, which is when they mailed it to him. It showed NEGATIVE, so even pretending viral pathogens were real, they lied to him and performed all that malpractice based on that lie. The respiratory issues were blamed on a minor bacterial infection, which they told him he had “in addition to covid”. He had not had the clot shot (the whole family is strongly against shots of any sort, with at least several generations never-quaxxed on that side of the family), so you know they ramped up those cycles on the PCR to try to blame it, but still failed.

    1. watermanchris

      I’m sorry to hear about your father. It’s amazing that the people still have faith in the medical establishment. My uncle was almost killed at the VA Hospital. He was convinced that he “caught Covid” and did the “right thing” by checking into the hospital. Next thing we know, he was in ICU on a ventilator. My cousin (his son) said he spoke to him while he was on the way to the hospital and he sounded fine. When he finally got out a couple of weeks later, he sounded like death and he’s never really recovered.

      The crazy thing is that my uncle, as well as the majority of my family is convinced that the hospital saved him. Lol

      We live in bizarre times


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