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2 thoughts on “FAC958-Ab-Daniel-Faye

  1. YouCanCallMeAl

    Some great points from Misom, IMO. And Daniel to be fair – he’s not auto-hoaxing the science but verifying it for himself.

    The way we understand the world determines what we think we can do. So, if we live in a materialistic paradigm we think we can move bits about and make something new. Maths is the tool we can use for this, as we can abstract parts of the materiality, and reconstitute them as we like. I don’t think this paradigm was accessible to earlier people, as Misom says. This reminds me of the idea that the medium is the message – we change mentally, adopt different means of thinking that structure/restructure our interpretation of reality.

    I suppose the science we have and are moving to does assume a sort of god-like position, whereby in altering existing life, we are creating something new. And I do see how this type of use of science can be seen as destructive – to my mind it is more like considering nature from an engineering perspective and creating new machinery.

    Perhaps this is all humanity’s skill has ever been able – take things apart and put them back together again with some changes – and we are now doing that using biological matter.

    This fabrication of new things, from an engineering or mathematical perspective, doesn’t consider the morality of things. That some people think this is even an acceptable thing to do – to try to engineer different types of life, seems wrong to me. But to a materialist/scientist, there is no reason not to try ‘improve’ the design.

    1. dirtybenny

      Life cannot be broken into parts and reconstructed like a clock or a refrigerator. Misom had many fresh thoughts in this discussion.

      This is an interesting talk on hypnosis and fractal geometry, nature’s building block and how this model can be used in our lives to revel in the complexities of the “in between.” Agree with Al, how we “see” the world determines what we experience.


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