FAK382-Markus and Bob

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Markus Allen, [21.09.21 :13]
The Show


Electroverse – Documenting Earth Changes during the next GSM and Pole Shift

Hoax Busters Call Chris Kendall Talks With Jesse Waugh About

Graphene Skies?

Graphene Skies?

Alison McDowell

Elizabeth Warren and Cori Bush are fighting an ‘extremist’ Supreme Court on the eviction ban

Here’s why I am selling my two rental homes right away!

Tony Heller

Is covaids the solution to The Dire Problem?

Is covaids the solution to The Dire Problem?

JON LEVI – Discovering Our True History

City is Sinking

iOS 15.1 Beta Lets Users Add COVID Vaccination Card to Wallet App

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8 thoughts on “FAK382-Markus and Bob

  1. doktormindbender

    Graphene is bullshit. It’s the next boogieman from the woo wizards to allow discredit by association.

  2. xileffilex

    Bob didn’t want to come out with dinosaurs are fake, did he? [1.07.40] And trilobites [500m years old, allegedly] in ice cores? WTF???

    1. doktormindbender

      Dude believes in all kinds of stories. Grand Solar Minimum, electrical universe, mudflood etc. At least those stories are more entertaining than the mainstream.

    1. napoleon wilson

      thanks nic
      Scientists in Australia have classified a new species of dinosaur, discovered in 2007, as the largest ever found on the continent. The Australotitan cooperensis or “the southern titan”, is among the 15 largest dinosaurs found worldwide. … Sauropods were plant-eating dinosaurs known for their size.

      What’s better than a giant, plant-eating dinosaur? Two dinosaurs, of course.

      Scientists in China discovered two new dinosaur species when analyzing fossils from the country’s northwest regions.

      Scientists named the species Silutitan sinensis (or “silu” which is Mandarin for “Silk Road”) and Hamititan xinjiangensis (named for where the fossil specimen was found in Xinjiang).

      Researchers in Montana discovered the fossilized remains of four different dinosaurs, including one that may be a new species
      They found the hip bone of an ‘ostrich-sized theropod’ the hips and legs of a duck-billed dinosaur
      Fossils from the rare Anzu or perhaps a new species, as well as the skull and other bones from a Triceratops, were also found
      The Hell Creek Formation dates back between 68 and 66 million years ago

      persephones animal was a Bats, Black Rams, Parrots and all talking birds, Monkeys theres
      no monkeys in oz

      right well its either persephones death brought a ruckas to the underworld causing the quake ,if thats the case then keep your eye open for the monkeys ,you already got bats and her other animals

      or the artistocrtas are setting of dynamite in braintarctica causing tremors

      or its god


      keep up to date when the ground starts shaking

      ips is a genius combining hoax with myth.i want more of klaus schwabs singing perhaps a duet with frank.

      hard habit to break chicago would work.no significance i just love chicago


      some apes can read ,still gullible though

      the carbon bat breaks the brane barrier

  3. watermanchris

    These geologist types are all the same – millions of years, trilobites = giant monsters from 66 million years ago, spinning ball, etc. Markus did an excellent job of challenging but old mate is just too indoctrinated. The idea that man could determine, with any degree of certainty, what happened even hundreds of years ago, let alone millions is just plain silly. Bob and Gaia should start a realologist show, just don’t do it on fakeologist.com

    Ab and Markus asking him why he’s worried, and therefore even discussing his climate catastrophy nonsense, was funny. I can say with as much certainty as possible, that there’s no chance we’ll ever see 2 miles of ice over the top of Onterrible. Maybe 2 miles of masks, though.

    I enjoyed his mineral deficiency angle but Bob appears like most NPCs to me. He can question some aspects of our fake world, but not others. He is a great example of why I say people aren’t waking up. Their programming seems to allow them to see through parts of the lies but they are steadfast in their beliefs in other parts.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – If you’re relying on these people to save the day, you are in for a letdown.


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