Is Mr. O’Looney the funeral director a crisis actor?

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ADV checks it out.

YumNaturals Emporium Amandha Vollmer, [.09.21 13:57]
Why I Think the Funeral Director Video May Be Targeting the Truth Community and is Not Honest.

We must be aware, as a community, that we are targeted and steered. Controlled opposition is a real problem as we know the enemy plays both sides. However, we are keen and intelligent so they must find ways to out maneuver us.

Over the years I have gotten more refined and aware of how sensationalism is used to pull us into stories and how they work to steer our emotions and beliefs about what is really going on. They mine our desires to use us as their loosh, their fuel, to divide us, confuse us and make us look insane or wrong. This is simply my and my partners’ analysis of this video and the signs that we see that raised red flags inside of our gut that something was not quite right. Take it or leave it, as you wish. We could be incorrect in this case but we have learned over time to trust our intuition and not ignore when our gut says “no”.

Firstly, this video is far too scripted. Max Igan barely asks a question. Mr. O’Looney (they love to disclose to us through the use of ridiculous names as well, which jumped out at me immediately) dodges Max Igan’s question about “what are you seeing now, brother?” a couple of times to tell the whole story because he needs to lay the foundation of truth for us.

Then in the middle of the interview he starts predicting the future. So many details – far too many to list, i.e. Injection causing sterility and it will be 10 years before anyone really knows. He doesn’t sound like someone who has just woken up since the pandemic started. This gentleman speaks like someone who is as awake as it gets.

The BBC would never be bothered with a small time funeral director. This is a little three person operation. The BBC would use someone with far more reach like a large funeral chain.

He flashes the Baphomet hands three or four times so as to give disclosure. Who do you know that does “air quotes” like that? I tried to do it and it felt very unnatural to me. That “devil’s horns” sign is certainly not where my hands would go if I were new to public speaking and trying to make an emphasis.

This man is a fairly skilled orator. He rarely uses ‘ums’ and ‘ahhs’. Regular people who are not used to speaking publicly or on camera (especially when they know it’s going out to thousands of people) cannot speak that fluently and skillfully. That is a learned skill. He has an encyclopedia memory of truther details to hand that he pulls effortlessly throughout. He rarely looks at the camera. Watch when the screen goes on and off. What’s happening there? Is that where the notes are?

He says, “At the beginning I believed covid was real. I was trying to be as careful as I possibly could,” yet he worked for the coroner for 7 years but the only time he would use a mask is to cover the smell of a death because he knows masks don’t work? “I put Vicks on it to keep the smell away. (The mask) is not going to protect you against anything, least of all a virus. I haven’t worn a mask the whole time. Neither has my wife. Neither has my embalmer.”

So which is it? Were you awake and knew masks were bullshit, or did you believe the virus was real at the beginning and tried to be as careful as possible? This is a contradiction. Perhaps it was a mistake of communication, but it came up as a red flag.

The need for his identity to be verified at the end. Can you imagine the influx of emails this man would receive? What busy entrepreneur would have time to answer all of those emails? Why does he need to prove so much that he is a real funeral director?

YumNaturals Emporium Amandha Vollmer, [22.09.21 13:57]
He says EVERYTHING we want him to. It validates the truth exactly. This is what we want SO MUCH, to prove to the sleepers what is going on and he gives it to us. This is why C.O. is so hard to spot and so easy to fall for. It’s not all lies, in fact it can look like mostly truth, but a lie deeply embedded. It’s far more evil than simple lies. However, in this case it seems to be used as a lure to set in a fear shock at the end. It won’t scare everyone, but my mom and dad watched it and their faces were white as sheets afterwards.

Usually a controlled op tactic is to scare the awake group into silence, and/or to look crazy or wrong, and/or to help envision this as a manifestation. In fact, classic fear tactics are often used for manifestation via reaction. Phrases like “they’re coming for the children,” “it’s like Germany” and “the end is coming.” Those are brutal things to put out there for us to manifest (what you fear you draw near). He says that the camps are for the unvaccinated which they aren’t, they will be for the dying vaccinated when the hospitals are overfilled.

Lastly, it spread very fast, everyone shared it. I received it so many times I was compelled to watch it. When something gets that much noise, we must be very cautious. With all the censorship, this would have been shut down quickly if they didn’t want us to froth over it.

None of these things by themselves would generally stick out but when you add them all up it’s a little too suspicious.

Start to learn how to pay attention to when they target us. THEY want to control our conversations and direct outcomes.

I never want to paint everything with one paintbrush but I want us to be very cautious, as we know this is a war on the mind and for the soul and discernment is our greatest tool.

With thoughtfulness and care, ADV.

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3 thoughts on “Is Mr. O’Looney the funeral director a crisis actor?

  1. xileffilex

    Why is Amanda picking up this obscure story, only after Max Igan has puffed it months after it broke? We really need Amanda’s list of non-controlled opposition who are spreading some degree of criticism of the global covidian propaganda machine. Obviously she can’t now include Cowan, Kaufman, Bailey Icke, etc etc etc;

    1. napoleon wilson

      i wish youd waffle (no offence intended you poof ) on no for a bit more ,id like to hear your thoughts on this,undertaker

      also the The sinking of HMS Hood in remote waters between Iceland and Greenland. Allegedly sunk by the Bismarck. 80th anniversary time in 2021, great post it seems staged to sin. perhaps they wanted to get rid. maybe stir up some support from the yanks so they took out their own boat a noble end ,shooting practice on both sides seems plausible ,plus it does stink as a story

      i live near gorton cemetery and its been quiet since march 2020


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