Cowan and Kaufman and Dr Sam?

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THE NEW DECEPTION – A LESSON IN Betrayal (click to open pdf)

Is it time to stop listening to these two terrain theory warriors?

The most successful of these tricksters are the ones that show us a lot of truth
and the ones that align with our personality types. What might be obvious to you,
may not be so obvious to me. Knowing this, the power structure has placed all
different types of swindlers on the mountain. The best deceivers are the ones
that gain our trust by aligning with our personal biases and current understanding of “how things are.”


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8 thoughts on “Cowan and Kaufman and Dr Sam?

  1. anounceofsaltperday

    In my opinion, it is clear that disease is the result of the deficiency of one or more nutrients. On the top of the list, by far, is sunshine derived Vitamin D, with chloride, sodium, magnesium and iodine running second, third, fourth and fifth. Without these key nutrients, a living mammal simply cannot function. Particularly insidious is chloride deficiency. With low chloride intake, mammals don’t produce the hydrochloric acid needed to breakdown the food that is eaten to allow the extraction of the nutrients contained in the food.

    The second obvious point is that you need to eat food. While I would have thought this was self evident, it is now blindingly clear to me that the vast majority of people simply have NO IDEA that food does not consist of stuffs made with seed oils, corn syrup and modern white flour.

    The third obvious point is that ingesting poisons such as fluoride, ddt, glyphosate, pharmaceuticals and red bull is probably injurious to ones internal functions.

    Occasionally, one needs to let ones digestive system rest for a time. Its like resting on the seventh day, or letting a field lie fallow every seventh year. After three days of fasting, cytosis stops and the body can perform a cleanup. Stopping cytosis the reason chemotherapy is used.

    Finally, I think it is obvious that we live within an unseen spirit world. Many of these spirits are hostile to living men and women. Luke 11 is a simple and astonishing remedy to these ills.

  2. xileffilex

    OK, since we’re running out of people who tell us that viruses don’t exist but who are not CO, might we listen to this Swedish gentleman, John Braid, who woke up in 2012/3?
    Here he is talking to Nigel Howitt with whom Simon Shack has discussed his Tychos.……
    He says we just have to keep on banging on about the deceit of viruses. He seems the importance of the Microbiome in health [and death] Unfortunately those who write about the microbiome tend to bundle up non-existent viruses into the Microbiota 🙁

    As John says, it’s going to be a long haul. I think he’s worth listening to.

  3. doktormindbender

    Yeah, I’m not ready to join yet another social media app. What do they say?

    I don’t trust any of those Blavatsky derived woo pushers.

      1. Rand

        The link won’t open. It says you need to be a member but doesn’t show what group or channel to join. Is there more context here? Is there something Cowan and Kaufman are doing that highlights we shouldn’t listen to them anymore?

  4. xileffilex

    I can’t see anything. What’s the gist? Where do we go now? Viruses exist and are contagious? [Reaches for his mask]


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