Tucker Carlson misinfo killed my dad

likes this

Shameless, disgusting, staged, but very effective atrocity (fake) propaganda.

Via [No Agenda] 1384: 0;Code Red” @adamcurry
podcastaddict.com/episode/1289… via @PodcastAddict

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4 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson misinfo killed my dad

    1. Alan Donelson

      If the question “Are you here to ‘out’ MM?” is addressed to me, then I would say, first off and most importantly, I think “inning” people far more crucial to the future of humanity than “outing” people. That said, my answer is “no”. Is it your view that I should be here for that purpose?

  1. doktormindbender

    That guy has been annoying for years. Bow tie wearing, yacht club, Alex P. Cretin character that he used to play polled well with the pull yourself up by the bootstraps wannabes. Could have been a sidekick to Trump on the Apprentice when he first started.

    I’m sure MM tied him all the way back to King Tut and showed how his ancestors came over on the Mayflower but the only thing you really need to know is that his dad was a banker turned director of Voice of America. Monica Lewinsky’s step father had the same job. Have a look at that guy’s resume. Worked with Bernays. Wag the freaking dog indeed.

  2. Alan Donelson

    As denizens of The Fakeologist likely know and appreciate, Miles Mathis (MM) “outed” Murdoch’s (FOX’s) Tucker Carlson (TC) (mileswmathis.com/tucker.pdf, first published May 1, 2021). In that essay or another, MM opined that Tucker Carlson not only served the role of “CONtrolled opposition” [my capitalization] — perhaps Chief Spinner — but also that The Power$ That Be [again, my characterization of the Nameless Ones behind obvious governors] had undertaken to groom TC for bigger and better things, mayhaps a run for POTUS 2024!

    The latest episode appears a solid nudge in that latter direction! Thanks for bringing it to light. I haven’t had a television set for 15 years, haven’t watched TV shows in 17 and counting. Sort of like AA, I suppose.


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