3 thoughts on “Fakeologist a pureblood

  1. David

    This is the Ozman that has been trying so hard to push, what looks to me a psyop term, “vaxxiphobics” on those that have no intention on putting that shit in their bodies, or giving in to the threats of the bullies.

    Perhaps he just realized that his own fans were getting tired of his ‘look at the stoopid vaxxiphobic” schtick.

    1. Fakeologist Post author

      He could be right that vaccines do nothing, but it’s not a chance I’m willing to take. Too many stories of injury and too many lies upon lies selling their benefits. Too ignore them is to his peril.

    2. dirtybenny

      There is no possibility that there is no consequence to consenting to take their injection. The parasite hive has never put this much comprehensive effort into actively manipulating manKIND into a behaviour. The previous efforts to “Get out the Vote” to manufacture consent pale in comparison to this desperate worldwide operation. They have saturated their civilization with nonstop propaganda using all elements of their hive….media, sports, entertainment, government, and industry.

      I posit that consenting to their injection damages or severs your spiritual connection. Physical damage of “the herd” is of no concern to them. They have been damaging our children,physically, spiritually, and mentally for decades. They have already damaged our physical bodies with THEIR pollution of our air, food, and water. How dare they?

      Anyone have some water….scarecrow?


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