4 thoughts on “Space fakery guardrailing

  1. napoleon wilson

    ips making big claims about debunking apollo11,and space station claiming hes not a gaurdrail.hahahahahahaahahahahahahhahahahaha

    this from a houseclown whos definitely reading shitty level degree mason homework outloud some of it definitely new and interesting ,but some designed to make people sound dumb ,now i like listening to interpretations of the t.v sorry televisions lies as much as any ,i dont watch the thing so hearing comparisons and the mirrored narratives is enjoyable to me ,and hes good at it

    but alas your just stood up pointing at shit like most of your type ,the farce that is the media needs it selling either way ,keep looking at the screen no matter what the cost

    now ive been stood waiting for you lot to ditch your masonic satanists researchers ,but you still think taking people down a rabbithole is gonna help, the unitiated are entertained with seeing the illusions dissolve by the minute a spiritual rollercoaster ride ,more like a merry go round

    now you are progressing a little you used alchemical twice hooray hooray, and id rather you be about for the time being ,so lets see if your gonna ditch talking about the circus and address the method ,
    or the “turn”

    like most of the housclowns from you to bill cooper to jones and dyer and some lesser know magentatainers youall over stepped the mark thought you knew what kubrick 2001 meant ,when in actual fact these films that make you hard arent made for you ….get it

    from fightclub to the matrix to star wars ,2001 ………..especially 2001 space odyssey and you even fucked up the shining .ever wondered what danny turned out like ,im not joking

    making gay comparrisons to the iss looking like the twin towers ,jesus christ

    if you were to stand in j tobin plaza at koenig sphere anytime before 911 and take a 360 picture and flatten it out , what you get is the outline of han solo,s spaceship the millennium falcon,plus his cockpit is represented as building 7!!!!!! the buildning that came back from the dead the solo-man building returned for the finale just like the millenium fall-con did in that childrens film that the afore metioned houseclowns have all examined and discovered to be masonic in origin oohh
    thats not sync thats because star wars is the turn

    so i.l.m george lucas special effects company mapped it before they recreated it in 1/38 scale for the big day 911 ,models ….m…o….d….e….l…..s… bigger thanyour wack iss
    lucas made a trippy version of the cast of oz
    oz is always the made up enemy or the trickster ,the accident we didnt foresee
    , opec or c3po became the tin man who needs oil ,luke was dorothy ,chewbacca is toto
    r2d2 is merrel lynch building and slave 1 is libertys torch boba fet (copper fe) theres hundreds more of these counterparts ,

    psiriously though your shits getting old
    better hire some lollipop guild

    stand in the yellow brick road next to the sphere and look up like a gullible ape

    tricking people into war is their game ,hello satanists ,now just reading this should make a certain orthodox christian address his star wars views maybe even worry nah ,you can plagiarise me ive made the official story for 911 true so 19 apemen with boneclubs the dawn of man scene became 19 hi jackers with box cutters ,blaming ozma for the collapse ,who els !!!!

    nothing is hidden

    1. napoleon wilson

      oh and if youve not worked out yet that 2001 space odyssey that enigma noone can workout hahahaha ,star wars space fantasy for kids hhahaha ,911 ,and covaids ,are all versions of the wizard of oz i cant help ya


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