2 thoughts on “Pestroy: the real Polio virus

  1. tokarski

    Polio is still with us, rampant in some places (India, as I recall). They’ve merely relabeled it, “acute flaccid paralysis”, or AFP, which oddly has the same symptoms as poliomyelitis. If affects children because the lower intestine, where DDT accumulates, is very close to the base of the spine, where it migrates and affects ability to walk. As we age, the lower intestines and spine base separate, so that people beyond childhood years are far less affected.

    I am convinced this habit of naming a “virus” for every malady is quite intentional, a way of protecting industry from crippling (intentional use of that word) class action lawsuits. Zika came about due to, according to Argentine doctors, use of pesticides that cause children born with very small heads, spread by a Japanese subsidiary of Monsanto. The virus gets them off the hook.


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