CGI Norm Macdonald

likes this

Some bad here.

Did anyone here think Norm was funny?

More Operation Chaos to me, selling bad or mediocre art as good, causing severe cognitive dissonance.

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2 thoughts on “CGI Norm Macdonald

  1. Mike D

    Norm funny af, if you like deadpan style comedy. You got to check out Norm’s calling Bill Clinton a murderer on national day talk TV in the late 90s…legend

  2. walker

    Norm wasn’t exactly a darling of the entertainment establishment and never pushed, from what I recall, any nonsense political or social ideas. Plus, he was freaking hilarious! Who knows but I find it hard to swallow that this guy – living amongst a slew of awful politically-vocal comedians – was an operative. Finally, his health was obviously deteriorating over the last decade or so, making this death less than surprising.

    Yes, I have actually seen him perform and even shook his hand afterwards.


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