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The Richard Syrett Show – Vax Passports In Hospitals

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The Richard Syrett Show – September 28, 2021 – Vax Passports In Hospitals and As Systemic Racism, Dr. Kitsch’s FDA Open Meeting Testimony

2021-09-28 by NEWSTALK Sauga 960 AM

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Catch up on what you missed on an episode of The Richard Syrett Show. Creator of Popular Youtube “VivaFrei,” David Freiheit talks about vaccine passports in hospitals in Quebec & what could be coming soon. Ruth Gaskovski gives Homeschooling advice. Lou returns for News Not in The News. New Blue Party of Ontario MPP in Cambridge, Belinda Karahalios discusses vaccine passports as systemic racism. Board Certified Cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough, speaks on a recent FDA open meeting testimony from Dr. Kirsch.

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The woke left’s pickle

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In the hierarchy of evil wokism, does discriminating against the uninjected trump perceived discrimination of blacks – who likely form the largest cohort of the uninjected?

It’s so much easier being on the uninjected, unequal right.



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Never been a study of fluoridated water

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In Canada, no government body is responsible – all agencies redirect to each other in an endless loop.


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